Why Do Business Leaders Select Vector International to Grow Their Business and Employees?

Rapid, competitive growth of international corporations and fully globalized industries mean business leaders in all sectors must have lean agile companies with low operating costs, high product quality and an engaged workforce focused on delivering for their customers every day. Success today requires relentless focus on eliminating waste in all work processes to gain efficiency and productivity. It also requires sustained commitment on growing and developing employees with the leadership, change management and problem-solving skills to drive continual improvement and foster innovation.

For these reasons, business leaders are turning more and more to Vector International as a partner to help drive the types of transformative change necessary to survive and prosper in an ever-increasing competitive global market.  Vector International specializes in enterprise wide optimization as well as acute problem solving to address issues such as high inventories, fractured supply chains, high product defect rates, long cycle and delivery times, etc. The problems that can cost companies in lost revenue and customer reputation.  Selected as Right Management Supplier of Year two years running, Vector International’s team of experts span a broad range of industrial and academic experience. All are highly skilled in methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, Business Strategy, Quality by Design, Project and Change Management.

Business leaders recognize that Vector International’s comprehensive approach examines all core business and organizational work processes. Smart business leaders also recognize the value of an “outside eye” conducting a detailed data driven analysis of their business operations to identify problem areas and develop innovative solutions that save time and money while never compromising on product quality to ensure their customers get the very best that their business can offer.  What truly distinguishes Vector International is its focus on getting bottom line results. By utilizing performance metrics they are able to clearly communicate with senior leaders and managers on what needs to improve. Then they work to grow and develop employees by training them with the skills they need to analyze their own work processes and solve problems. In time, this combination of focus on the business and the people leads to transformative change for the business. Many companies may offer theoretical training or even project-based consulting to address issues a business may face, but Vector International’s proven integrated approach that is predicated on a true partnership and practical application of learned skills is unique.  

Why is Having Certified Experts in Lean Six Sigma Vital to Your Company’s Success?

For business leaders simply seeking to provide cutting edge training on topics like Lean Six Sigma, Change Management, Project Management, Communication, Leadership Development and Team Facilitation, Vector International’s Lean Six Sigma certification online is available either self-paced or virtual instructor led.  Vector International also will partner with you to develop customized training specific to your business.  Taking advantage of the full suite of courses will help grow and develop your employees that will not only benefit your business but help them as they progress in their careers. Vector International has trained hundreds of professionals and upon receiving their Lean Six Sigma training online, they can attest to an increased level of engagement and achievement by being more able to make meaningful business impacts for the companies they work for. The tangible benefits may seem obvious on the surface, what is really important to appreciate is that Vector International is not just providing classroom theoretical education but all training is rooted in practical demonstrable comprehension to achieve meaningful business results. There is a plethora of Lean Six Sigma green belt benefits, as completing the training improves your value as an employee and a manager. Learning the theory behind Lean Six Sigma training is just part of the training; being able to take these teachings and apply them in real-world situations is key.  

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The goal of most business is to improve efficiency and cut costs, but many companies struggle with just getting started. A major mistake companies often make is to try to cut for quick fixes and end up actually decreasing efficiency and productivity. Performing both at the same time is key. By obtaining a Lean Six Sigma certification, both managers and employees can learn how to utilize scientifically-based methods and tools that enhance a company’s efficiency, productivity and improve product quality while lowering costs. Lean Six Sigma has a rich history and many leading companies leverage this capability as a core part of their vision and their customers value the commitment to excellence.  Both large and small businesses are using its principles to better compete in a rapidly diversified and specialized world of product and service demand.

Can You Afford Product Quality Issues?  

It is estimated that over 25% of a company’s resources are spent on product quality.  Clearly this is a very high internal cost for most companies and is quite often passed along to their customers. Since successful businesses are those with a large and loyal customer base. Lean Six Sigma offers insights into the process of improving quality and analyzing future trends that may impact quality. Applying this knowledge to create a competent, streamlined system that produces top-quality products and services within a business saves valuable resources such as time, money and consequences of correcting mistakes. By tackling issues in a methodical, rather than a trial-and- error way, Lean Six Sigma relies on a structured data driven approach to define the critical to quality measures important for the customer. By keeping the focus on the customer and delivering high quality product at a competitive price point, companies are better positioned to grow their customer base.

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The application of Lean Six Sigma has yielded enhanced profitability and improvement in employees’ performance.  Over time, the application of Lean Six Sigma leads to a culture of continual improvement where employees come to work each day seeking ways to do their work better than the day before.

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