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Global competition is continuing to put ever-increasing pressure on companies to develop high quality products at a lower cost and at a faster rate. Product design and development is a key competence requirement for business survival and success. Vector International offers a very practical and insightful workshop that explores the latest best practices in the development of new products and the management of the new product pipeline

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You Will Learn How To
  • Delight your customers!
  • Exceed your customer expectations
  • Eliminate product failure!
  • Design products that are insensitive to environmental variation
  • Reduce development costs!
  • Identify and remove process bottlenecks
  • Get your products to market faster
Workshop Highlights
  • Voice of the Customer [VOC]- capture and integration
  • New Product Development [NPD] Cycle time reduction
  • New product strategy development
  • Robust product design
  • NPD productivity
  • NPD pipeline management
  • Optimizing your NPD process