Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Delivering a compelling vision and a clear strategy that is vigorously executed in the face of uncertainty.

Our strategic management system enables the creation and operationalization of the organization’s strategy. Vector International offers research, consultation and advanced facilitation services that support organizations in the areas of:

Our team of experts apply tools and approaches such as Hoshin Kanri, opportunity analysis frameworks, capability maturity models, advance optimization methods and tools in Lean Six Sigma, in partnership with our business clients, to derive solid action plans, transformation roadmaps and system-level solutions.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence drives sustained performance.

Vector International partners with organizations to drive productivity enhancement and overall continuous improvement in cycle time, quality output and the prevailing cost structure.

In addition to the use of Lean Six Sigma tools, we apply mathematical modeling and optimization techniques to find the least costly, most profitable and fastest solution to real business problems across a wide range of industries; including financial services, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and energy sectors. Moreover, computer-based modeling aids in the development and optimization of products and processes related to industrial manufacturing and service deliverables.

Our work focuses on the development and application of integrated models, frameworks, tools and methodologies to address business complexities due to uncertainties resulting from market dynamics, etc. We handle complex systems through:

The applications deliver benefit to the disciplines of product design, integrated supply chain management, procurement, product portfolio management and a wide cross-section of other business processes.

Lean Six Sigma Deployment
As companies face bleak outlook for revenue growth, increasingly they are turning to Lean Six Sigma to lift their bottom line. However, past industry practices have revealed that successful deployment of Lean Six Sigma requires careful planning and monitoring.

Vector International provides a clear and proven roadmap for Lean Six Sigma deployment that incorporates critical success factors such as:

Onsite Training

Do you need to train a group of people within your organization?

Vector International will bring it’s expert training team to your facility and offer customized courses for your institution.

For more information on Lean Six Sigma Deployment please contact us.