Six Sigma is a proven methodology that consistently delivers positive business results, through the disciplined use of facts, data and statistical analysis. Six Sigma tools and methodologies improve product and service quality by reducing variation while also decreasing the number of product defects. Lean tools and Lean principles are applied to improve process speed and …

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Why Do Business Leaders Select Vector International to Grow Their Business and Employees?

Rapid, competitive growth of international corporations and fully globalized industries mean business leaders in all sectors must have lean agile companies with low operating costs, high product quality and an engaged workforce focused on delivering for their customers every day. Success today requires relentless focus on eliminating waste in all work processes to gain efficiency …

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Facilitation Can Make or Break Lean Six Sigma Application

For any given business project, the successful application of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques relies on the collective knowledge, experiences and contribution of a team of individuals.  The challenge then becomes – how does one extract and harness such collective knowledge and experiences through the process of facilitation? Click here to read more

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